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A Heartening Experience to Embolden Vitality
for the Spontaneous Traveler


calls you
to experience a peak opportunity to re-connect with an ancient,
celestial healing tradition from the Ecuadorian Amazon

APRIL 15 - 25, 2017

10 nights / 11 days in accordance with the ancient spiritual tradition of the Siekopai Elders,
known amongst themselves as “God’s Multicolored People”

Program Highlights

3 renewal sunrise ceremonies to balance the body’s pH, crucial for healing and detoxification;
3 traditional indigenous healing ceremonies, that transpire throughout the night, to restore mind-body-heart vitality, wellness, and integration.

together with

Let Mother Nature do her work!

Let the clean blue ocean and the sand between your toes refresh you!

Let the towering trees and coconut palm groves inspire you!

Let the songs of Macaws, Howler Monkeys, and Toucans that screech, enliven you!

Let the whole place renew you

Wilderness EcoRetreat Centre
aka Guaria de Osa

in the heart of the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica
described by National Geographic as “the most biologically diverse place on Earth”

with Jonathon Miller Weisberger, ethnobotanist, rainforest conservation advocate, story teller and author of Rainforest Medicine: Preserving Indigenous Science and Biological Diversity in the Upper Amazon, Jonathon has lived the past 26 years immersed in Amazonian traditions.

and Julian Keenan Grow, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Nutritionist

* * * *

In light of a win/win/win all the way around

Investment US$1900 for self, community and planetary healing

Fundraiser for Rainforest Conservation & her Cultural Heritage


Turtles hatching

May - December 2017

For the turtles

The most noble of beings

Who use the fewest resources,

After millions of years inhabiting this Earth

Now need our stewardship

on Rincón de San Josecito Beach, just north of Corcovado National Park,

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica


Critically endangered HAWKBILL TURTLES

endangered GREEN TURTLES, and


* * * *

Click here to Sponsor a Sea Turtle Nest

that can have 50 - 100+ potential future hatchlings

See our Marine Turtle Conservation Proposal

Secoya Territory 2017

Council for Cultural and Biological Diversity


Two grassroots, camping, wilderness,
profoundly joyous life experiences
for 16 travelers / journey

July 21 - 31, 2017 (10 nights / 11 days)

August 5 - 18, 2017 (13 nights / 14 days)

For Personal, Community and Planetary Healing
Have a direct experience with Prehistoric Amazonian Medicine & her Indigenous Culture

To strengthen and renew the body, mind and heart
with endless possibilities to change the outer world from within

For registration and financial exchange, please contact:

A fundraiser to preserve rainforest
projects spearheaded by the
Council for Cultural and Biological Diversity

Welcome endless possibilities while
changing the outer world from within.

[ Program Details ]

Secoya children in canoe
Secoya guest house

Rainforest Ocean Discovery Centre & Ethnobotanical Gardens

For group leaders and teachers check out our terrific group rate!

Our campus is splendid for Rainforest and Ocean discovery. Our large hard wood floors and timeless facilities all in close proximity to the beach and rainforest make it a supreme Yoga getaway retreat, biological field study station or family reunion vacation destination.

Proceeds, in part, support The Osa Foundation/Grupo Osanimi's Biodiversity Conservation Projects in the Ecuadorian Amazon and The Osa Peninsula - The "Little Amazon by the Ocean" of Costa Rica!

Protecting the Rainforest, one vacation at a time at Guaria de Osa.

Thank you for networking Guaria de Osa

Tel: (510) 235 4313 (U.S. office)
(506) 358 9788 in Costa Rica

Heliconia Rainforest

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Green Macaw
Ethnobotanical Gardens
Flower Girl Yoga

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